Do homework - English-French Dictionary We spoke to six 16-year-olds from around the world to find out what they and their friends like to do in their free time. A) Fiona, 16Galway, Ireland"I've got lots of friends and we're all into the same kind of things. Do homework - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter. FR because after school I have to do all my homework - grammaire. FR I didn't even have.

Traduction homework français Dictionnaire anglais We sit down at the dinner table every single nht. Have you done your homework? Est-ce que tu as fait tes devoirs? my geography homework mes devoirs de géographie. f =research to do one's homework.

Homework - Traduction française – Linguee and will not or won't when we talk about unwillingness to do sh. I help my son do his homework after school. — J'aide mon fils à faire ses devoirs après l'école. I have to write an essay for homework. — Je dois écrire une.